Sales & Supply Chain management

Business success depends on your familiarity with the market, your ability to find new clients and keep the old ones. D&B will help you to successfully carry out marketing operations worldwide, receiving comprehensive responses to the most important marketing questions: How many potential clients are there on your market? Who are they? What is the risk level of cooperating with this or that partner?
  • In order to find out who works on a certain world market D&B customers use GRS on-line system. It gives the opportunity to search for companies using given factors (industry, financial figures, etc.) in a certain region or country, to detect international corporate links. With GRS system you can develop your international business more effectively.
  • We can upload marketing data directly into your internal corporate systems, e.g. into CRM. We can also synchronize your client data base with Dun & Bradstreet global database. The latter will help to standardize your client database, take away duplicates and non-existing companies, to update information and assign international DUNS number and D&B ratings to all your clients. This will reduce costs connected with updating, optimization and renewal of information on client portfolio.

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