Credit Risk Management

Dun & Bradstreet solutions for credit risk management have long ago become an industrial standard. The D&B data gathered and treated using DUNSRight™, the unique quality control system, have already served to making critically important decisions for more than 170 years.
  • Interfax-D&B provides its customers with the access to the world largest business database. You can receive this credit reports in English via DBAI on-line system that is accessible 24/7 everywhere, or in Russian via DBIA off-line, our special service.
  • DIT (Data Integration Toolkit) gives the opportunity to integrate D&B data into inner corporate CRM or ERP systems of the customer and to provide access to different departments: credit risks mitigation, security, marketing, lawyers, finance, accounting. By using DIT, you can automate the process of making key decisions to save time and reduce expenses on manual entering and processing information on counterparties.
  • Portfolio manager, new to our market solution, is designed for debt management.

Among important competitive advantages of D&B are unique analytical instruments for risks assessment, which are based on statistical models.

  • Paydex score or Payments Monitoring System, available in numerous countries, including Russia, gives the opportunity to assess a counterparty’s payment discipline. This indicator shows whether the company pays its current bills in time or whether it has serious debts. For more than 35 years specialists in more than 40 countries used to analyze clients’ portfolios, assess customers, reduce nonpayment risks with the help of Paydex.
  • D&B rating, the two components index, is widely used by the credit departments in the World largest enterprises to determine basic settlement conditions for their counterparties.
  • Recommended Credit Limit is a score indirectly reflecting financial strength of the business as a debtor.

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