Data Integration

Data Integration Toolkit (DIT) system gives the opportunity to integrate data from D&B global database into inner systems of customer company, providing access to different departments (risks, security, marketing, lawyers, financial experts, accounting).

Data format is XML. By using DIT, you can automate the process of taking key decisions to the maximum, which will help save time and reduce expenses on entrance and processing information on clients and partners.

Matching is a process of identification of companies and their verification using the information from D&B global database. Within the framework of this procedure the verification of addresses, phone numbers, company’s current status, Duns-number and other codes assignment is carried out. Matching gives you the opportunity to arrange, say, your clients database, taking away duplicate companies, liquidated companies, adding financial and other data to the existing basic information.

Loading is the process of downloading structured data in bulk, in regard to a wide range of companies. Such downloading gives the opportunity to receive data on all your potential clients from all over the world and load this data into inner CRM, to provide your sales managers with a scope of work. Furthermore all your preferences may be taken into account: e.g. companies may be arranged in accordance with their profit, industry, region, country, etc.

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